Why you should be wearing a lapel pin
Lapel pins add an extra layer of complexity to your outfit. Nothing finishes off a suit quite like a beautiful lapel pin, so why not embrace this unique accessory. Let Frederick Thomas London guide you through why we love the lapel pin and why you should too!

History of the Lapel Pin:

Metal lapel pins where originally worn by the military, used to signify the wearers affiliation with an organisation or cause. Nowadays metal lapel pins are used as wearable art, a fashion statement and popular accessory for men’s suits. The boutonnieres, otherwise known as the floral lapel pin, was first recognised when Prince Albert and Queen Victoria got married. It’s suggested that Queen Victoria presented Prince Albert with a flower as a token of her love, where upon he cut a hole in his lapel in order to insert the flower. Thus, the trend was born. Boutonnieres and floral lapel pins are now often worn during romantic occasions, most commonly at weddings.

Why you should be wearing a lapel pin

Express yourself

Lapel pins are the perfect way to express your personality in a subtle way. Whether you’re attending a wedding or working in the office, you don’t always want to draw masses of attention to yourself, so swap the extravagant t-rex tie for a more understated t-rex lapel pin instead. Ideal for reflecting your individual character without drawing too much attention to yourself!

Very versatile

Just because you aren’t attending a wedding or special occasion shouldn’t mean your lapel pin should be gathering dust as the back of your wardrobe. A floral lapel pin is most suited to a tuxedo or worn at a wedding, while a metal pin is great for business and everyday wear. You can literally wear a lapel pin to all occasions!

Stand out

Lapel pins aren’t as popular as you’d imagine. Men primarily tend to focus on accessories such as ties, pocket squares and cufflinks. So, dare to be different and show off how amazing the lapel pin truly is. You’ll be attracting all the right kind of attention!

Accessorise the working week

Whoever said the working week was limited to a plain grey suit and navy tie? Floral lapel pins aren’t just for weddings, spruce up your spring suit this season with a beautiful handmade floral pin. Alternatively, a simple metal pin is just as striking. Anything to jazz up a dull Monday morning!

Conversation starter

As we said earlier, lapel pins are a great way to express your personality. And what’s better than talking about yourself?! By sporting your stag head lapel pin you’ll be able to spark up endless conversations about your love of nature and the beautiful countryside.

Easy to wear

And last but not least, who doesn’t love an easy life? The lapel pin is a very easy accessory to wear. No need for complicated tying of ties or folding of pocket squares. Simply place through your left lapel, clip in and you’re done! The plain silver or gold colour of a metal pin also promote ease, making suit colour coordination effortless!

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From all of us at Frederick Thomas London, thank you for reading and see you next week.

Written by Emily Watson