Dress your way to Happiness
Today is The International Day of Happiness, so it only seems right to dedicate a blog to it! This day was founded by activist and UN special adviser Jayme Illien, with the aim to inspire and advance the global happiness movement. So, in true Frederick Thomas London style, let us guide you through our top tips on how to dress your way to happiness!

Frederick Thomas London Top Tips

Unfortunately The International Day of Happiness falls on a work day. But don't let that dampen your spirit, you can still dress our way to happiness while also abiding to your work dress code!

Happy Colours

Photo credit: Pinterest What you wear can have a significant impact on your attitude! So instead of sporting the classic black and grey office look, opt in for brighter colours. Yellow is a classic colour to consider, yellow connotes hope, optism and happiness. While orange also has strong links to happiness, symbolising enthusiasm, encouragement and success! It can be as easy as swapping your Navy Blue Tie for a Yellow one instead, so there is no excuse not to embrace colour!

Wear Fun Pieces

Photo credit: Pinterest We all takes life a little bit too seriously sometimes, especially in the work place, it's important to have fun from time to time. So, embrace the T-rex Tie, sport the Rubber Chicken Cufflinks and welcome the Rubber Duck Socks. These fun accessories will be sure to even bring a smile to your bosses face and light up the office.

Use Accessories

To ensure your abiding by work dress protocol, the focus is going to have to be on accessories. But it's all about the little things in life, so small and subtle accessories are perfect for helping you dress your way to happiness. Add accessories that you wouldn't normally wear, like a pocket square, lapel pin or tie clip. It's all about the finer details!

Happy Patterns

Another way to dress your way to happiness would be through prints! There is nothing worse that a plain black suit, with a plain navy tie and a plain white shirt. There are so many beautiful prints out there to play with, from florals to polka dots to paisley! Perfection in patterns.

Dress for Yourself

At the end of the day, it's all about what makes you happy! So dress for yourself. If you love your plain blue linen tie then wear it! Or if your happiest in your pink flamingo socks, then go for it!

Check out some of our favourite Frederick Thomas London accessories below, perfect for dressing your way to happiness!

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From all of us at Frederick Thomas London, thank you for reading and see you next week.

Written by Emily Watson