How to Suit up this Spring
The signs of spring are finally starting to blossom! Lighter evenings and sunnier skies, what could be better? Here at Frederick Thomas London we think there is something better, a new seasonal wardrobe of course! So, whether you've already taken inspiration from our Spring Preview, or searching for a little bit more guidance. Frederick Thomas London are here to help, with our Top Tips on How to Suit up this Spring.

Frederick Thomas London Top Tips

Lighter Materials

We realise a sudden heat wave isn't going to consume the UK now it's March. But it's good to start thinking about different materials. It's definitely time to put away the heavy tweed and wool. Focus on light weight materials such as linen and cotton. It might be a bit early (cold!) for a full on linen suit, but a linen tie, instead of tweed, is a good starting point for spring.

Layer Up

Warm weather is never a guarantee in the UK, so play it safe and layer up! You can always take the layers off if the sun does decide to appear! Focus on smart knitwear jumpers for over your shirt, and a lightweight blazer to finish off your look. Stylish and practical!

Go Brighter

It's nearly summer after all! Winter is officially over and you need to celebrate! So, time to ditch the dark tones and embrace the yellows, pinks and oranges! Go bright or go home!

Embrace the Outdoors

Now it's finally warm enough to step foot outside, we can finally experience the beauty that outdoors has to offer. So, this spring, embrace nature and focus on floral! Floral shirts might not be your thing, so instead focus on floral ties, pocket squares and lapel pins. Bring the outdoors into the office!


Going back to materials again, but this time focusing on breath-ability. Ensure the materials your wearing are breathable is a must this spring. It might seem cold outside, but when speed walking into work you'd be surprised how much of a sweat you can work up! So make sure your suit can breath. Cotton is an ideal material, their natural fibers allow air to circulate and move freely through the fabric.

Spring Suits Inspiration

Some of our favorite looks, perfect for strolling into spring this year... Photo Credit: Pinterest

We hope you found our top tips on suiting up for spring helpful. Check out some of our favourite Frederick Thomas London seasonal pieces here:

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From all of us at Frederick Thomas London, thank you for reading and see you next week.

Written by Emily Watson