Sock Style Guide
The days of plain black and grey socks are over, sock draws have never been so beautiful! In a world of navy suits, a vibrate pair of socks is like a breath of fresh air. Express your individuality with a fun pair of Frederick Thomas London Socks. As always, we are here to help, so check out our top tips on how to pick the perfect pair!

Frederick Thomas London Top Tips

Whether you are new to the sock game or a seasonal pro, we have created our very own Frederick Thomas London sock guide, exclusively for our readers.


Have you only recently been converted from the textbook plain black sock? Then these socks are for you! With a classic black base, they are a great starting point for any newbie. Featuring our Frederick Thomas London Turquoise Argyle Socks, Multicoloured Stripes Socks, Grey, Red & Whited Checked Socks and Black & Red Polka Dot Socks. A perfect transition.

A Seasonal Sock Pro

Are socks your trademark accessory? Well then, you can never have too many! You'll be able to express all your personalities this winter with our wide range of new and exciting socks. Featuring our Frederick Thomas London Rubber Duck Socks, Rainbow Socks, Camouflage Socks and Pineapple Socks. You'll be standing out from the crowd for all the right reasons!

Animal Lover

Not fussed about the pattern as long as it's got your favourite four legged friend on?! Then don't worry! From dinosaurs to cats, we've got a sock for that! Featuring our Frederick Thomas London Flamingo Socks, Penguin Socks, Polar Bear Socks and Dog Socks. Purrrfect!

Perfection in Patterns

You can't go wrong with spots or stripes! We've incorporated classic patterns into our collection, to ensure there is something for everyone. Sometimes rubber ducks might be a bit much, but a plain black pair just isn't enough. Patterns are the perfect in between. Featuring our Frederick Thomas London Navy & Red Striped Socks, Blue Polka Dot Socks, Pastel Pink Argyle Socks and Multicoloured Striped Socks. Always a safe option for the office Secret Santa as well!

Colour is Key

In an office full of black socks and navy suits why not stand out from the crowd?! You'll be the getting all the right kind of attention with our range of beautiful and vibrate coloured socks. Featuring our Frederick Thomas London Red & Blue Striped Socks, Yellow Polka Dot Socks, Bright Pink Argyle Socks and Aqua Blue Socks. After all, everybody needs a bit of brightness on a dull Monday!

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From all of us at Frederick Thomas London, thank you for reading and see you next week.

Written by Emily Watson