How and why you should wear a pocket square
The pocket square is becoming an increasingly popular suit accessory. And with good reason! A pocket square is a unique and beautiful piece of clothing which can add extra layers of complexity to your attire. So, why not welcome this striking yet subtle accessory into your wardrobe. Let Fredrick Thomas London guide you through how and why you should wear a pocket square! Photo Credit: Pinterest

Why you should wear a pocket square

Perfect for when you don't want to wear a tie

A pocket square can work the same wonders that a tie can! It can smarten up your suit or blazer instantaneously. Perfect for those warmer days, so there's really no need to get hot under the collar! Additionally, this look isn't a classic suit combo, so you'll be sure to stand out from the crowd (for all the right reasons of course!).

Perfect for formal occasions

The perfect way to completely transform your look. A fitted suit, smart tie and pair of cufflinks will always do the trick at a formal do. But who wants to blend into the background?! Go that extra mile with a pocket square and bring 'formal wear' to new heights!

Perfect for special occasions

It's not an everyday suit accessory, which makes it that extra bit special. So aviod the boring suit and tie combo, and introduce a pocket square into the mix, to add that extra bit of uniqueness. So whether it's for that special first date, your best friends wedding or your office awards party, the pocket square will ensure you're looking as good as you feel!

How you should wear your pocket square

Here are some top tips on how to wear and fold your pocket square, for all occasions!

Everyday pocket square

Photo Credit: Pinterest Obviously there are no rules when it comes how you should wear your pocket square on everyday basis. Which is great, that means it's time to experiment! Get adventurous with the four peaks, embrace romance with the rose fold or keep it simple with the single peak!

Formal pocket square

Photo Credit: Pinterest Rule of thumb - match your fold to the occasion! For a formal setting, that requires a full on suit and tie, stick the classic flat fold or two peaks fold. While for a more causal formal setting, such as a dinner party where you can ditch the tie, opt for the puff or reverse puff fold. Make this your main accessory and embrace the flamboyant folds!

Wedding pocket square

Floral and bright pocket squares are a must at weddings. It's a special day so it's important to embrace your most unique accessories. Equally as important is the type of fold you use! The puff hold, the stair fold and the reverse puff are all perfect for your wedding attire - no boring flat folds today!

Black tie pocket square

Photo Credit: Pinterest Tuxedo pocket square rules are pretty simple. The general rule of thumb is, a white pocket square in either a presidential pocket square fold or conservative puff hold. Easy! However, if your black tie event isn't a strict one, then add a pop of colour to your pocket square! It's more than acceptable at most events to stray from the textbook black and white look. A coloured pocket square is especially prominent and striking when wearing a colorful and adventurous tuxedo jacket - differentiate yourself!

Matching your tie and pocket square

First things first, never match your tie and pocket square directly with each other! It's a crime against fashion, showing little effort and imagination. Instead, choose a secondary colour from your shirt or tie as the primary colour for your pocket square. Read our blog on how to match your shirt with your tie for more top tips which can be used when matching your pocket square as well! Finally, don't overdo the patterns! Ensure at least some of your attire is exploiting flat colours, in order to accentuate the colours in your pocket square! Unless you're dressing with sprezzatura - then clash away!

So there we go, our top tips on how and why you should be supporting the pocket square!

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From all of us at Frederick Thomas London, thank you for reading and see you next week.

Written by Emily Watson