Henley Royal Regatta Style Guide 2019
What better way to celebrate the summer by attending one of the most prestigious sporting events of the year?! Henley Royal Regatta is just around the corner! As well as excellent boat racing it's also a great opportunity to dress up! So, let Frederick Thomas London guide you though our top tips on how to suit up for Henley Royal Regatta 2019! Photo Credit: Pinterest

The History of Henley

Henley Regatta was first held in 1839, the event has been held annually ever since then, apart from during the two Word Wars. The regatta was originally just a public attraction, with a fair and other amusements for the people of Henley. Although, the emphasis of the event rapidly changed and became a competitive amateur rowing race instead.Henley Regatta soon became Henley Royal Regatta in 1851, when H.R.H Prince Albert became the Regattas first royal patron. Since then, the event has been visited by many members of the royal family, with H.R.H The Princess Royal most recently attending in 2010.Since 1885, the Regatta has been organised by 60 self-electing body of Stewards, most of whom have been successful rowers and scullers beforehand. Their knowledge and experience account for the undoubted success of the Regatta.Henley Royal Regatta is now ones of the most famous regattas in the world. Located in in the heart of Henley-on-Thames, it attracts thousands of boats, competitors and spectators every year. Photo Credit: Pinterest

Enclosure Information

The enclosure you are in will have a big impact on your outfit choice. There are different dress codes and rules to abide by for each enclosure, so pay attention!

Steward's Enclosure

Photo Credit: Pinterest The Steward's Enclosure is situated on the Berkshire bank, right opposite the finish line. Within the enclosure, racing can be viewed from the Member's Grandstand, the Fawley Grandstand and the Floater. This enclosure is only for the lucky few though - reserved for members and their guests only.Gentlemen are asked to wear lounge suits or jackets/blazers with flannels, to be paired with a tie or cravat. A strict no shorts and jeans policy, you'll be refused entry if you don't follow the dress code.

Regatta Enclosure

Photo Credit: Pinterest The Regatta Enclosure is also situated on the Berkshire bank, just downstream for the Steward's Enclosure. The Regatta Enclosure offers seating along the length of the river as well as having an open grandstand. This enclosure is open to competitors, supports and the general public.Unlike the Steward's Enclosure, the atmosphere is much less formal. Their is no strict dress code to abide by. Although, attendees are encouraged to get into the spirit of the Regatta and wear club blazers and other rowing apparel.

Frederick Thomas London Top Tips


Photo Credit: Pinterest A jacket or blazer is essential for the Steward's Enclosure, while only recommended for the Regatta Enclosure. But here at Frederick Thomas London, we think it's important to embrace this historical event by dressing to impress. So, we recommend either the classic stripped blazer to truly get in the boat race spirit, or a more simple double breasted navy cotton blazer to keep you cool in the sun.


Photo Credit: Pinterest A simple white cotton oxford shirt for the Steward's Enclosure is a must. But if you're in the Regatta Enclosure you've got more room to experiment. You don't need to wear a blazer, so a more colourful and elaborate shirt is an option - try the cotton oxford shirt in bolder colours or achieve the maritime strip look without the blazer!


Photo Credit: Pinterest A smart pair of suit trousers to compliment your shirt and blazer is essential for the Steward's Enclosure. While a pair of smart chinos are ideal for the Regatta Enclosure. Seems simple! But if you dare to be different, why no embrace a pair of Henley ready stripped trousers - our personal favourite!


Photo Credit: Pinterest It's seems so obvious, boat shoes of course! You'll definitely look the part. But if you're looking for a smarter option in the Steward's enclosure, then a pair of smart brown oxford brogues are equally as attractive. Or if you're keeping things really casual in the Regatta Enclosure, then a pair of clean white trainers will keep you looking and feeling cool and fresh.


Photo Credit: Pinterest As stated earlier, a tie or cravat are essential if you're attending the event in the Steward's Enclosure. While accessories aren't essential for the Regatta Enclosure, a beautiful pair of cufflinks or fun pair of socks can go a long way. While the regatta classic can be worn in either enclosures, the panama hat of course! It wouldn't be Henley without it!

So there we go! Our top tips on how to suit up for Henley Royal Regatta. We hope you have a great time. Here are some of our favourite Frederick Thomas London regatta ready accessories to finish off our blog:

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From all of us at Frederick Thomas London, thank you for reading and see you next week.

Written by Emily Watson