What is smart casual?
A smart casual dress code can leave the very best of us baffled. Some describe it as an even greater mystery to men than women! But fear not, Frederick Thomas London are here to help unravel the great riddle that is smart casual!

Frederick Thomas London Top Tips

Smart before casual

When in doubt, smart before casual! If you're questioning if it's too casual then it probably is. Remember, if there is a dress code, it's a good idea to not wear what you'd throw on when popping down to the pub with the lads! Stay safe with an ironed shirt and fitted trousers.


Whilst wearing your favourite pair of 'worn in' trainers is always appealing, especially when you see the word casual, we wouldn't suggest it. Think more along the lines of a pair of classic brogues or loafers.

Dark Denim

There will always be a great debate about denim, is it smart enough or just too casual? If you're wearing a pair of washed out jeans with rips in the knees, then yes. But a well fitted pair of dark navy or black jeans are a great look. A go to smart casual must, in our opinion!


Knitwear is another great smart casual look. A simple fitted knit over your shirt is comfy and smart, especially as the temperatures start to drop, perfect! Stick to simple and sophisticated though. Don't reach for your cosy Sunday night in knitwear, a classic cable knit or plain v-neck cotton jumper is the way to go.


The perfect finishing touch to your smart casual attire. Materials such as tweed or textured wool are perfect for dressing down a blazer. Investing is a good quality and fitted casual blazer is a wardrobe essential!


Sometimes it's hard to spruce up a smart casual dress code. You want to express your individuality without seeming over dressed? Then accessories are the way forward! A tie might be an accessory too far for a smart causal look, but a pair of cufflinks, pocket square, socks or lapel pin will do the trick nicely.

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From all of us at Frederick Thomas London, thank you for reading and see you next week.

Written by Emily Watson