How to Dress for a Barn Wedding
Rustic and elegant, a barn wedding is a unique and beautiful experience for everyone involved. Whether you're the groom, best man, father of the bride or simply wedding guest, Frederick Thomas London are here with our top tips on how to dress for a barn wedding.

Frederick Thomas London Top Tips

Be at one with nature

The appeal of a barn wedding has to be it's simplicity and beauty. Being at one with nature is an amazing thing. So why not embrace the nature around you? In an ideal world fresh wild flowers play the perfect accessory for a your wedding attire. If you don't have time to head down to the local park, and scavenge for wild flowers the morning before the wedding, don't worry! Some of our favorite floral accessories can't be picked from a forest. Instead they can be added to your basket from the Fredrick Thomas London website. Featuring: Pink Floral Tie & Pocket Square Set, White Flower Lapel Pin and Ladybird Cufflinks

Embrace the rustic look

Earthy rustic tones are perfect for a barn wedding. Burgundy, brown and beige aren't the most exciting colours in the world, but they are perfect for a barn wedding. We're not saying you have to be dressed head to toe in brown though! Just a couple of earthy coloured accessories will do the trick, like a tie, pocket square or lapel pin. Here are a couple of our favourite barn ready accessories to help you create that rustic look: Featuring: Burgundy Knitted Tie, Beige Knitted Pocket Square and Burgundy Flower Lapel Pin

Wool and tweed

If there is ever a time to pull out that tweed tie from the back of the wardrobe, now is that time! Wool and tweed materials, whether in the form of a tie, suit or pocket square, are ideal for creating that rustic/country look. Here are some of our favorite Fredrick Thomas London tweed accessories: Featuring: Orange Check Tweed Tie, Grey Slim Tweed Tie and Light Brown Check Wool Tie

Stay sturdy

Barn weddings are known for embracing the beautiful outdoors, so appropriate study footwear is a must! Uneven ground could be embarrassing if you haven't got your most reliable pair of loafers on!

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From all of us at Frederick Thomas London, thank you for reading and see you next week.

Written by Emily Watson