Father’s Day Gift Guide

Frederick Thomas Father's Day Gift Guide

Show your Dad how much you love him this Father’s Day with Frederick Thomas. We’re here to give you the ultimate gift guide for that special day.

All Dads are different, but luckily for you Frederick Thomas has got you covered this Father's Day. We have a variety of designs and products in our gift guide to suit every type of Dad out there.

The Sporty Dad

Father's Day gift guide The Sporty Dad Frederick Thomas - The Sporty Dad


Frederick Thomas Golf Cufflinks , Frederick Thomas Cricket Tie and Frederick Thomas Tennis Cufflinks Whole weekends spent watching the football, cricket or rugby? Loud cheers echoing around the whole house when his football team scores? Sound about right? Then you’ve got a Sporty Dad! Help your Dad to express his love of sports 24/7, even when he’s at the office! With a range of printed ties and cufflinks featuring his favourite sport, Frederick Thomas has got you covered!

The Joker Dad

Father's Day gift guide The Joker Dad Frederick Thomas - The Joker Dad

Featuring :

Frederick Thomas Rubber Chicken Cufflinks, Frederick Thomas Rubber Duck Socks and Frederick Thomas T-Rex TieEmbarrassing Dad jokes ALL the time?! Sounds like you’ve got a Joker Dad…well at least he thinks he is! Even though his jokes in front of friends make you want to scream you love him really! So help make his Father’s Day perfect with our range of fun products, to help him express his ‘quirky’ individuality.

The Cool Dad

Father's Day gift guide The Cool Dad Frederick Thomas - The Cool Dad


Frederick Thomas Skull Tie, Frederick Thomas Racing Car Cufflinks and Frederick Thomas Guitar Tie It’s very rare that you get a Cool Dad, so make sure you embrace how lucky you are and spoil them this Father’s Day! From Racing Car Driver Dads to Rock Band Dad’s, Frederick Thomas has the perfect product for them!

The Traditional Dad

Father's Day gift guide The Traditional Dad Frederick Thomas - The Traditional Dad


Frederick Thomas Striped Tie, Frederick Thomas Fleur De Lis Cufflinks and Frederick Thomas Navy Pocket Square For the Dads that style will never change! Keeping up with the latest fashion trends isn’t quite at the top of their list of priorities. Keep it simple and sophisticated this Father’s Day with our more conservative range of products, you can’t go wrong!

The Country Dad

Father's Day gift Guide The Country Dad Frederick Thomas - The Country Dad


Frederick Thomas Tractor Cufflinks, Frederick Thomas Chicken Tie and Frederick Thomas Pheasant Cufflinks Usually wearing wellies and waterproofs? When it comes to a suit occasion the same old knackered tie and jacket make their appearance. Help your Country Dad jazz up his suit with our range of ties and cufflinks that will suit him down to the ground!

The City Dad

Father's Day gift guide The City Dad Frederick Thomas - The City Dad


Frederick Thomas Crown Cufflinks, Frederick Thomas Moustache Tie and Frederick Thomas Paisley Pocket Square Always complaining about his commute to work? Then he’s probably a City Dad! The stress of trains, tubes and buses are always a challenge for the City Dad. So why not spoil him this Father’s Day with Frederick Thomas’s range of ties, cufflinks and accessories. So at least when his train is delayed for the 4th time this week he can take comfort in knowing he looks great!

The Artsy Dad

Father's Day gift artsy dad Frederick Thomas - The Artsy Dad


Frederick Thomas The Scream Socks, Frederick Thomas Scissor Cufflinks and Frederick Thomas Paint Splatter Tie You’ll probably be studying Art GCSE or A Level if you’ve got an Artsy Dad. So you’ll know how important that finishing touch it! Help your Dad perfect every little detail of his suit this Father’s Day, check out our range of expressive accessories.

So there it is...Frederick Thomas's ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide!

Which Dad do you have?

From all of us at Frederick Thomas, we wish you a very Happy Father's Day!

Written by Emily Watson