Royal Ascot Style Guide by Frederick Thomas

With Ascot just around the corner we have created our very own Fredrick Thomas Royal Ascot Style Guide, you’ll be coming in first place every time with our top tips!

New Rules for 2018


Make sure you are wearing your lucky socks this year to Ascot, otherwise you could be refused entry to all enclosures!
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Horse Racing Socks, Blue, Red and Yellow Patterned Socks, Plain Grey Weaved Socks, Black and White Striped Socks, Black and Grey Striped Socks and Flamingo SocksLuckily for you, Frederick Thomas has you sorted for socks. Especially with our latest deal…Any 4 Pairs of Socks for £20!
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What to wear to which enclosure?

The Windsor Enclosure - Royal Ascot Style Guide

The most accessible way to take part in this prestigious event. The Windsor Enclosure is located right next to the last sprint mile, so be sure to soak up the amazing atmosphere.There is a much less formal dress code for The Windsor Enclosure although you are always encourage to dress your best.What Frederick Thomas suggests: A tailored suit jacket and shirt, paired with smart chinos is ideal for smart casual look. In the Windsor Enclosure ties aren’t a necessity but here a Frederick Thomas we love a good tie! Here are some of our favourite accessories we think you will love…
Frederick Thomas - The Windsor Enclosure Frederick Thomas - The Windsor Enclosure


T-Rex Tie, Pineapple Cufflinks, Green Pocket SquareStand out from the crowd in our fun and fashionable accessories. You might not be in the Royal Enclosure but they aren’t allowed to wear our famous Frederick Thomas T-Rex tie, so who’s the real winner…?!

The Village Enclosure - Royal Ascot Style Guide

It’s the Village Enclosures 2nd year! This enclosure was introduced last year, based on the other side of the race track you get great views of the finishing stretch. The enclosure also includes pop-up restaurants and bars as well as live music from DJ’s and bands throughout the whole day and night.Again the dress code is more relaxed, but to suit the enclosures energetic and young feel we suggest dressing for the occasion!What Frederick Thomas suggests: Again a smart pair of chinos matched with a tailored jacket and crisp shirt will do perfectly. There are no strict rules on accessories but we suggest to keep it fresh and fun with our selection of Village Enclosure ready ties and cufflinks.
Frederick Thomas - The Village Enclosure Frederick Thomas - The Village Enclosure


Flamingo Tie, Silver Crown Cufflinks and Green Horse Racing TieWe especially love our Frederick Thomas Flamingo Tie, after all…nothing says 'millennial' like a flamingo!

The Queen Anne Enclosure - Royal Ascot Style Guide

There is lots of action going on in the Queen Anne Enclosure, with the grandstands, restaurants and bars creating a great atmosphere.Unlike the Royal Enclosure, dress wear and morning suits aren’t essential but of course it’s allowed! There is a more strict and formal dress code than the Windsor and Village enclosures so feel free to go all out!What Frederick Thomas suggests: The rules say to wear a matching suit with shirt and tie, giving us a great canvas to accessories on!
Frederick Thomas - The Queen Anne Enclosure Frederick Thomas - The Queen Anne Enclosure


Navy Horse Racing Tie, Silver Horse Racing Cufflinks and Royal Blue Knitted Pocket SquareKeeping it classy and on point with all blue horse racing accessories, you’ll definitely be winning best turned out!

The Royal Enclosure - Royal Ascot Style Guide

Being the most prestigious enclosure in the whole of Royal Ascot, it’s more important than ever to get your outfit right!Gentlemen are reminded to:
  • Wear either black or grey morning dress
  • A waistcoat and tie must be worn (no cravats or bowties)
  • A matching plain black or grey top hat
  • Black shoes to be worn with plain black socks
What Frederick Thomas suggests:
Frederick Thomas - The Royal Enclosure Frederick Thomas - The Royal Enclosure


Plain Pink Tie, Silver Fleur De Liss Cufflinks and Plain Pink Pocket Square Even though dress codes are strict there is no rules on colourful accessories! Make sure you stand out from the crowd in our range of vibrate coloured accessories – why not add a bit of pink!

So there you go...our Royal Ascot style guide! We put bets on you being the best turned out!

From all of us at Fredrick Thomas, happy racing!

Written by Emily Watson