How to Wear a Scarf with a Suit

As with any clothing combination, there are a number of ways you can wear a scarf with a suit. In this post we’ve put together some examples of how you can complement your suit with a scarf, and how best to incorporate patterns and colours.


Image: Defursac

Tie or no tie, these looks are pretty striking. The first features a fitted suit with a patterned scarf. As the colour of the scarf matches the suit, it doesn’t overwhelm the outfit, but instead complements it. If you’re looking for less scarf and more suit, you can opt for a tucked in effect. Finally, opting for monochrome is a great option for a sleek and stylish finish.


Left to right: Bally, Articleofstyle

The bold, patterned scarf isn’t for everyone, but in some instances it can work. The first example boasts a smart suit and a pair of chelsea boots with a vibrant scarf, which adds a hint of character to the outfit. The next example is probably not something you would wear to a typical office, but in some creative industries (and for certain events), the combination of a patterned tie, jacket and scarf can work surprisingly well - as long as you have the confidence to wear it that is!


Left to right: Massimo Dutti, Trashness, Hespokestyle

If bright patterns aren’t for you, or you're looking for a more professional or corporate combination, mixing neutral shades might be a better option for you. Camel scarves go well with most standard suits and also serve as a neutral accessory for a patterned outfit.

Have you got any tips of your own on how to combine a scarf with a suit? Share in the comments below!