How to suit up for Burns night
This Friday, the 25th of January is Burns night! So, time to dig out the tartan, dust off the whisky and get ready for a night of food, drink, partying and poetry! Let Frederick Thomas London guide you through our top tips on how to suit up for Burns night.

About Burns Night

Burns night is a celebration of the life and work of the of the Scottish poet, Robert Burns. The night consists of a Burns night supper. An evening event filled with Scottish food and drink, usually consisting of haggis and whisky. Celebrated across of whole of the UK, Burns night is a renowned event, to be celebrated with friends and family. Read more about Robert Burns and Burns night here.

Frederick Thomas London Top Tips

Traditional Scottish attire is a must for an Burns night celebration. Men are encouraged to wear kilts, but if you don't own one, don't worry! You can still look the part and embrace the Scottish theme through adding simple Scottish touches to your outfit. Start off with a simple suit and add on from there...

Tartan Tie

Scottish tartan has a long and rich history, while undoubtedly being one of the most important symbols of Scottish Heritage. Historically different tartans belonged to different families, or clans, used as a form of identification. Nowadays tartan is a universally loved and celebrated pattern. So, this Burns night, focus on tartan ties! The perfect compromise to a full on tartan kilt, pair with your suit for a simple but sophisticated look.

Scottie Dog Cufflinks/Pocket Square

The Scottish Terrier dog is a traditional symbol of Scotland, otherwise know as the Scottie dog. They are thought to be one of Scotland's oldest breeds of terrier, originating from the north of Scotland. So these fun pair of Scottie dog cufflinks or scottie dog pocket square are the perfect accessory for your Burns night supper.

Argyle Socks

The argyle sock originates from Western Scotland. Traditionally worn with kilts, this patterned sock has been worn by Scottish highlanders since the 17th century. Our range of argyle socks are another perfect Scottish accompaniment to your suit.

Scottish Thistle Tie

The thistle has been a major symbol of Scottish heraldry for over 500 years now. Although the Scottish thistle has no direct link to Robert Burns, it is responsible for one of Scotland's most famous poems. Hugh MacDiarmid's A Drunk Man Looks at the Thistle, is a nationally loved piece of poetry that encompass all things Scottish. So, support the Scottish thistle tie this Burns night, and it will be sure to start up a conversation.

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From all of us at Frederick Thomas London, thank you for reading and see you next week.

Written by Emily Watson