How to match your shirt with your tie
Matching your shirt with your tie can sometimes be a great mystery for men. Instead of choosing that beautiful colourful patterned tie you grab the plain black one instead, because it's just too scary and confusing! Fear no longer, Fredrick Thomas have created a bespoke guide on 'How to Match your Shirt with your Tie', just for you!


First and foremost, colour. Keep a note of the colour wheel, it's a great foundation for understanding what colours match.

Coordinating Shades

One way of making sure your shirt and tie are harmonious is through matching different shades of the same colour. So for example; navy blue, light blue and teal. Coordinating shades works best with cooler colours, so cold colours such as blue, green and purple. Warmer colours such as yellow, orange and red can sometimes be too overwhelming.
Frederick Thomas Navy Skull Tie

Similar Colours

This is when your colour wheel comes in handy! Use colours that are close together within the colour wheel like purple, red and blue. This is probably one of the easiest tricks of the trade, you can't go wrong with this one.
Frederick Thomas Royal Blue and Red Stripped Tie

Triangle Trick

The triangle trick is a simple yet useful one. Essentially you are using colours from the colour wheel that create a triangle. For example blue, red and yellow.
Frederick Thomas Floral Tie

Complementary Colours

Use colours that are directly across from each other within the colour wheel. So for example Blue/Orange and Green/Red.
Frederick Thomas Orange Tweed and Wool Tie


Mixing Patterns

You might find the idea of mixing patterns rather ridiculous, but it's okay to mix! The trick is to ensure that the two patterns you are using are strikingly different. So for example, a simple check shirt with a floral tie.
Frederick Thomas Ivory and Pink Floral Tie

Similar Patterns

When using matching patterns it's important to take into consideration the proportion of the pattern. Varying the size/width of the stripes on your tie with the stripes on your shirt will ensure a greater contrast and better overall look.
Frederick Thomas Turquoise Stripped Tie

Colour Tone

Our top tip for colour tones is to always go with a lower tonal shirt, so lighter colours, with a higher tonal tie. Wearing a softer toned shirt will ensure a good canvas to work on. So your tie can be more of a statement piece.
Frederick Thomas Purple Knitted Tie

From all of us at Frederick Thomas, we hope our guide helps you to master your matching skills!

Written by Emily Watson