How to Dress as a Wedding Guest
Wedding Season is upon us! Seems like you have a wedding to go to every other weekend? Running out of floral ties? Can't wear the same suite for the fourth time in a row?! Don't Worry! Fredrick Thomas are here to help with our tailor made 'How to Dress as a Wedding Guest' Blog. With our beautiful range of wedding ties and accessories to choose from, as well as our top tips, you'll be the perfectly dressed wedding guest!
But don't just take our word for it!


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Top Tips

The trick to dressing as the perfect guest is to make sure you don't upstage the bride or groom. So maybe keep that bright yellow suit for another occasion!


Classic coloured suits such as black, navy and grey are ideal. Yet in the beautiful summer weather it's nice to bring out lighter colours, such as a beige linen suit. Classic and neutral shades are key to choosing the perfect outfit.


Again, classic and neutral shades are key when it comes to your shirt. Shirt simplicity allows you to make the most of that signature colorful floral tie, and you wouldn't want anything to distract from that!


The Floral Tie is a classic at any wedding, Frederick Thomas have more than enough to keep you going through a whole year of marriages!
Frederick Thomas Floral Ties
Just because it's a norm doesn't mean it's a must! Wedding Ties can come in all shapes, sizes and shades! Paisley, Linen, Knitted and Polka Dot ties can all be worn to a wedding. As long as you keep to soft shades you can't go wrong with the pattern (Although maybe stay clear of our Skull Ties...!).
Frederick Thomas Wedding Ties


Firstly the colour, depending on your choice of suit colour will effect your choice of shoe colour. For example, black shoes with a black suit and brown shoes with gray, navy and beige suits. A simple leather classic Oxford shoe is perfect, simple yet smart.


Frederick Thomas Accessories
Add a bit of extra sophisticated to your attire with some accessories, small details can make a big impact. Add a pair of cufflinks, a beautiful pocket square, cotton socks or a floral tie pin.

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From all of us at Frederick Thomas, thank you for reading and see you next week.

Written by Emily Watson