FT Picks: November’s Best Dressed Men

November’s a notoriously tricky month to dress for. Some days you wake up to a day of glorious sunshine only to find – normally around the time of your lunch hour – that it was all a cruel ruse. And it’s now freezing cold and you look stupid for wearing your summer gear. However, this month, our five best dressed men have managed to avoid the classic pitfalls of November and have embraced the sartorial gear change appropriate for the season.

This month’s best dressed men:


#1: Dev Patel

Making the transition from gawky teenager to best dressed men isn’t easy for any man. For every Zayn Malik (who has handled that transition incredibly well), there are a handful of men that are destined to feel the shame that Justin Timberlake must feel when he looks back at the early 2000s (you know, when he had the noodle hair and wore triple denim). Hell, even Ryan Gosling – one of the most stylish men alive – had a rough period in his early twenties.

Dev, however, despite being teenage and gawky for a while, has managed to avoid the pitfalls of style by not drawing too much attention to himself. Now, however, his understated style has stepped up a notch – and he’s given us an excellent lesson in how a unique choice can up your whole suit game. Rather than peppering his black suit with accessories, he’s worn a monochrome statement shirt that takes his potentially dull suit to a completely different level.


#2: Jake Gyllenhaal

Let’s be honest, there are men that are always going to make these best dressed men lists: David Beckham, Idris Elba, Zayn Malik and Tom Hiddlestone, for example. Jake Gyllenhaal is another one of those names – he always manages to smash it out of the park. It’s not flashy, it’s not in your face, but it’s slick, classy and just a little bit individual. Matching tie and pocket square? Check. Well tailored suit? Check. Smashing it? Check.


#3: Dominic West

When you’re attending the premiere of a Burberry film, you better fix up and look sharp. Luckily, Dominic West (aka, McNulty from The Wire) knows how to wear a suit. Without his usual facial fuzz, he cuts a suave figure in a double-breasted jacket that shoots the right amount of cuff. Plus, bonus points for demonstrating the importance of a well-polished pair of shoes.


#4: Usain Bolt

You know how we mentioned earlier that November is the time to ditch your summer clothes and embrace the demands of winter? Looks like Usain Bolt didn’t get that memo. However, he doesn’t need it. This outfit is a massive two fingered salute to the cold, dreary weather. You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘dress for the job you want, not the one you have’ – Usain has taken this logic and applied it to the weather instead.

Maybe it’s time to dig out those Hawaiian shirts – according to Mr Bolt, they’re perfect for this time of year…


#5: Miles Teller

He might have a face that makes you angry, but he sure can wear a suit. It takes a special skill to wear a green suit without looking like a public-school boy, but Miles Teller manages it with ease. He’s even managed to throw in a patterned tie without throwing the ensemble into over-the-top territory. It might not make his face any less annoying, but you could definitely learn a thing or two from how he dresses… (In fact – shameless plug – you can get a very similar Frederick Thomas tie from our online store…)

Image Credits: Zimbio