From the Set to the Carpet: 9 Stylish 'Game of Thrones' Actors

With Season Six Game of Thrones kicking off, we’ve decided to dedicate a post to celebrate the Game of Thrones actors in their full glory off set. Simply put, you don’t always look your best when draped in wet fur and snow-soaked shoes. Even if you haven’t watched Game of Thrones, you may have caught glimpses of the actors on the show, and heard many a woman swoon over Jon Snow’s curly locks. So if you’re looking for some style tips, these men are sure to provide you with some inspiration. Not convinced? See how they scrub up below…

1game-of-thrones-jon-snowjon snow (1)

Kit Harrington is without doubt one of the most popular actors on the show. Known for his kind character and dashing looks, he has won the hearts of many, both on screen and off screen. Here he is pictured in a dark blue suit and skinny polka dot tie, as well as a classic white shirt and bow tie combination.

2 & 3alfie-allen-iwan-rheon-game-of-thronesiwan-rheon-alfie-allen-ramsay-theon

Yes, we wanted to put these two lovebirds together. It was a rare sight to behold at the Season Six Premiere of Game of Thrones - Ramsay and his beloved Theon “Reek” Greyjoy looking healthy and happy in each other’s arms. Both men are sporting slim ties - knitted and polka dot - and we also like the contrast in this photo between the light and dark suits.


Here we have the strangely likeable Jaime Lannister looking rather dishevelled on the left. Underneath all that mud and facial hair however, it's clear Nikolaj can pull off a suit jacket and jumper combo.


Robb Stark doesn't look too dissimilar to the actor playing him in real life. Although we have to say we do prefer his suited and booted look - skinny ties and textured suit jackets win our hearts over matted fur and smelly leather any day of the week.


Ever so likeable both on and off screen, Peter Dinklage shows us how to do black tie dress properly. He supposedly doesn't brush or comb his hair in real life either, but part of us thinks it actually works.


Grey Worm is one of the luckier characters on the show as his outfits don't usually appear too challenging. We like how he went for something different at the Season Six Premiere, and think he pulls off the patterned suit pretty well.


One of the more dramatic transformations comes from actor Tom Wlaschiha. Most are used to seeing him in role as the mysterious Jaqen with long, dark hair. In real life though, Tom sports a short, blond hairstyle and is seen looking sleek and stylish at the 007 Spectre Premiere.


The final Game of Thrones actor on our list features Liam Cunningham. Looking slightly worse for wear as Davos Seaworth on the left, Liam makes an impressive transformation off screen at the latest Game of Thrones Premiere in Los Angeles. Although many might not agree with the pink shirt and red tie combo, we congratulate Liam for taking the risk!

Image Credits: HBO, Getty Images