FT Picks: 5 Best Dressed Men of the Month

Although the award for August’s most memorable outfit will go to Jared Leto for his brave combination of baby pink trousers and a long, primary green jacket, we thought we’d bring you a selection of August’s best dressed men (and slightly more conventional outfits) that you are more likely to want to copy. (Although, if you’ve got a pair of pink trousers and a green jacket, now’s your time to shine!)


1. Orlando Bloom’s everyday ensemble

While celebrities seem to only dress like this when they’re about to catch a flight, Orlando Bloom’s combination of relaxed skinny chinos, brown high-tops and a casual white tee – topped off with a great grey bomber jacket – is effortlessly stylish, and shows that you don’t have to be wearing a suit to look your best.


2. David Beckham’s relaxed skater look

Is there ever a month that David Beckham isn’t going to appear on a best dressed men list? Probably not. And while Golden Balls is a perfect example of how to rock a suit and to be a bit adventurous with your style, he’s also a great example of how to look great as you go about your day-to-day business. Granted, Becks probably doesn’t need to do a weekly shop in the supermarket or grab bits from B&Q, but that’s no reason to not take a leaf out of his book, take a sartorial trip back to the early-2000s and pinch this perfect everyday "sk8r boi" outfit.


3. Henry Cavill brings double breasted back

Long considered the cut for older men or Mad Men fancy dress, the double breasted jacket is having a bit of a renaissance at the moment. Chris Pine has been almost single-handedly bringing the look back for a while, and now Superman – as well as other celebs like Tom Hiddlestone and Eddie Redmayne – have joined him.

If you’re thinking of expanding your suit game by adding a double-breasted suit, then remember – less is more. The double breast is already a feature and a focal point, so you don’t want to add lots of accessories and overcomplicate the look. Henry Cavill chose to keep it simple with a copper that matched his pocket square, keeping the look stylish but not overdone. (Chris Pine has even taken to ditching the tie altogether, which looks great – as is especially welcome on a hot Summer’s day.)


4. Paul Rudd’s light blue suit

At the Sausage Party premiere, Paul Rudd was seen wearing a light blue fitted suit with a light pink shirt and pocket square, finished off with a striped tied that ties together his shirt, jacket and pocket square.

While it’s not the most adventurous outfit we’ve seen this month, it’s a great example of the fact that you don’t need to stick to a grey or navy blue jacket to look great in an understated way.


5. Donald Glover’s collarless twist

At a glance, this outfit is the same navy blue suit, brown shoes and a white shirt combination you’ve seen thousands of times before. But Donald – or Childish Gambino, mcDJ or any of his other aliases – has smartened up the smart casual look by adding a collarless shirt – a perfect look for summer weddings and the evening reception.

Have you seen an outfit this month that you liked, wanted to copy or – on the flip side – absolutely hated? Let us know in the comments below.

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