Product in the spotlight: the Cadbury purple tie
This month, our product in the spotlight may or may not have been influenced by a week or two of busting open our advent calendars and enjoying a chocolate treat every morning. (By may or may not, we mean it definitely was.)Introducing: the Cadbury purple tie.

About our Cadbury purple tie:

This Frederick Thomas Cadbury purple tie is handmade from satin, measured 8cm at the widest point and features our signature floral pattern to the rear, as well as neat FT branding.And boy, it’s a hell of a tie.Sure, it’s not a quiet, bashful tie.It’s bold, in-your-face and stylish.This tie is going to get attention in the best way.In fact, according to the BBC, a purple tie – once considered the colour of royalty and wealth – is now becoming a go-to colour for the workplace.Why?Because it stands out, demonstrates self-confidence and veers away from the traditional.As Ross Znavor, an executive in financial services interviewed by the BBC, said:“Wearing a tie in a hue that’s less traditional shows clients I am comfortable in my own skin and someone with whom you want to build a relationship.”And he’s not wrong.Cadbury purple ties aren’t just taking over the workplace – they’re also dominating political arenas, too.Everybody from Ed Miliband to Arnold Schwarzenegger has been seen on the circuit in a purple tie – presumably as a way of appearing confident, trustworthy and memorable.

And the best thing?

A Cadbury purple tie can be worn almost all year round – it looks great in Spring and Summer, especially with light grey suits, and in Autumn and Winter with darker suits and heavier fabrics.

One Cadbury purple tie not enough?

We’ve got you.Not only do we have the satin bad boy for suiting up, we’ve also got a few knitted versions, a maroon and Cadbury purple striped tie and – for those who like to accessorise – a pocket square to match.Now, if you don’t mind, this blog post has given us something of a sweet tooth…See you next post!