Kind of a big deal: why we love the burgundy knitted tie
There was a time, a time before millennial pink, when the deep, rich colours reigned supreme, when people believed everything they heard on TV. This was an age when only proper ties were worn. And one tie was better than the rest. His name was burgundy knitted tie. He was like a god walking amongst mere mortals. It was a colour that could make a wolverine purr and the texture made suits look so fine, they made Sinatra look like a hobo. In other words, burgundy knitted tie was the balls.Even without the tenuous link with the Greatest Comedy of All Time, we’d still love the burgundy knitted tie at Frederick Thomas?

Why do we love the burgundy knitted tie?

Let us count the ways:


The burgundy knitted tie isn’t just your run-of-the-mill, throw-it-on-with-your-work-shirt tie. It’s much, much more than that.It goes with your grey suit. It goes with your navy suit. It goes with your tweed jacket and your sports jacket. And it looks great at weddings – it’s classy, refined and yet relaxed.It goes with pretty much anything. (And it always looks great.)

A touch of texture

Sometimes, you can nail your outfit in almost every way and it still feels a little off. If you find yourself in that boat, take a look at the textures – are they all the same? Is your tie the same texture as your shirt and suit?If so, mix things up. A burgundy knitted tie in place of a regular burgundy tie doesn’t just tie the whole outfit together, but it adds another focal point and completes your get-up.

Laidback cool

The knitted tie is the undisputed king of casual ties. You can throw it on with your suit for a laidback, casual look. You can wear them in the middle of summer and in the depths of winter. And you can even wear them with jeans and not look like a complete muppet.They’re great. End of.

Our favourite burgundy knitted tie

The speckled burgundy knitted tieNow, as we’ve already said, when it comes to knitted ties, it’s all about the texture.And you can’t get much more textured than this bad boy.The blend of white and burgundy colours and a tight knit pattern lends a subtle, woollen texture that’s perfect for wearing during the colder winter months.We couldn’t be happier with this one. (And it's only £19.99)