Autumn Menswear Highlights 2016/17: Trends to Try This Winter

With colder weather on the horizon, we thought we’d take a look at some of the best Autumn menswear trends and styles that will be popping up in the shops this season. (And, of course, give you a bit of inspiration for when it comes to replacing those shorts and boat shoes.)


Patterned trousers

We’re not talking anything as horrific as those novelty suits that your ‘oh-so-funny’ colleague probably wore to work last December (if you need reminding, take another look at your own risk), but this Autumn, prepare to see more and more trousers with a distinct pattern. Checks, dogtooth and pinstripes are all looking to make a comeback this year. They can also take your everyday office get-up from boring and indistinctive to understatedly stylish.


Patterned ties

Again, we’re not talking about the musical ties that play Jingle Bells when you press a button, but a tie with a distinct, obvious pattern. The most modest of these is the striped barber tie, but you can be as bold or adventurous as you like.

Interestingly, the skinny tie seems to be taking a backseat and we’re starting to see the return to the more traditional, wider ties – as well as a return to classic suit styles, such as the double breasted jacket. If you’ve got these tucked away in your wardrobe, this Autumn is the time to dig them out!


Turtle necks and collarless jackets

Sterling Archer – world famous secret agent (and fictional cartoon character) – has long since expounded the virtue of the turtle neck – and this Autumn it seems that the fashion houses have listened. Although the style may not be for everyone – especially those who remember the early 1970s or have watched Mad Men – the combination of the turtleneck jumper and a collarless jacket gives a much more casual, laid back look than the shirt and tie, without being any less office appropriate. Plus, you’ll be much warmer when the cold sets in.


The return (well, sort of) of classic British style

If Ralph Lauren’s Autumn 2016/17 collection is anything to go by, then this Autumn is going to be the return of the brown and camel colour suits, as well as British staples such as tweed and patterned jumpers. On paper, it might sound like your school geography teacher, but in practice, it’s a modern and stylish twist on a classic British gentleman look. Plus, a brown suit makes a change from the usual grey and navy blue, doesn’t it?


Warm, autumnal colours

Across a lot of the fashion houses’ Autumn collections, orangey-red tones were very popular. Whether it was in the form of jackets, jumpers, ties or trousers – burnt hues and dusky tones were very popular – and a sign that, this Autumn, brown is going to be anything but boring.

Erm, clown-chic

OK, full disclosure – we’re not even sure what to call this. And we’re certainly not recommending you rock up to work in the Tesco Everyday Value outfit below, but - according to Lcf Ma’s Autumn range – clown-inspired fashion is going to be popular. We’re not even sure where to start with this – or if we even have the words to do it justice – so take a look for yourself and let us know what you think below...


Image Credits: Bally, Canali, Dunhill, Kilgour, Ralph Lauren, Joshua Kane